The Difference Between Green Furniture and Sustainable Furniture

Many furniture companies claim their products are “green,” a designation usually referring to material sourcing. Maybe their sofa frames are made out of dumpster-sourced scrap metal or their cushions are filled with used ticker tape. Responsible material sourcing is important, but it does not necessarily make something sustainable; that is, able to exist in perpetuity from an environmental and resource consumption standpoint.

To be considered sustainable furniture, it should be high quality and support a lifestyle with reduced energy and resource needs. You can have a piece of furniture made of the most responsibly sourced materials out there, but if it falls apart in a short time and winds up in a landfill, or if it is designed in such a way that it can only fit into a carbon-spewing, resource-gobbling McMansion, it’s not sustainable.
When it comes to sustainability, size does matter. Here’s why:

One of the best ways, if not the best way of reducing our carbon footprints and natural resource consumption is to reduce the physical footprints of our homes.
Smaller homes produce less operational carbon emissions, (e.g., heating and cooling) than larger homes and are less resource intensive to build.
Smaller homes tend to discourage excessive consumerism mitigating that behavior’s attendant environmental impact.
Smaller homes typically support denser, more transit friendly communities, which, by their very nature, allow for a reduction in associated transit emissions.
Location, Location, Location

When thinking about sustainable housing, the name of the game is location, location, location. An EPA study found that an energy efficient single family suburban house plus a fuel efficient car can cut your carbon footprint by 34% as compared to a conventional, single family, suburban house and a car with average fuel economy. While this is a significant improvement over a standard single-family home, the same study found that living in an energy efficient multifamily house (i.e. housing with two or more units such as a townhouse or apartment) with access to public transportation reduces your carbon footprint by 62% ­- and that still assumes car ownership.

As one would expect, multifamily housing units are typically smaller than single-family houses. The median size of a new multifamily unit is 1,074 square feet, whereas the median size of a new single family home is 2,467 square feet. But with a smaller – albeit more environmentally-friendly – footprint can come some challenges regarding functionality, especially as a household grows or changes over time.

Let’s face it, it’s the desire for – or perceived need for – more space that frequently drives people out of central, transit-friendly locations in search of more square footage. Since housing in most urban cores is considerably more expensive than suburban housing on a per square foot basis, moving to a larger home in a central location can be cost-prohibitive.

A Busy Person Guide To Getting Organized Room

Organization: defined culturally as a key characteristic to success and easy living. The art of organization comes easy to some but may be a bit harder for others, especially those who are always busy and never seem to have enough hours in the day. Organization and productivity go hand in hand, each influencing the other. To keep levels of productivity high, you have to be organized and usually, organized individuals are productive. Fortunately, there are many different tactics you can use around your home to keep (at least) this sector of your life in order. Today we’re highlighting four products that make organization a breeze while saving space and maximizing time.

The Home Office
When you’re busy, what would make a better helper than something called “The Home Office”? The Home Office allows you to work hard on your busiest days and hide away clutter when guests visit. The unit is available in two heights– Alto and Basso– and a variety of finishes to match your home, your Resource Furniture wall bed, and Resource Furniture shelving systems (wink, wink). Pair it with a stylish Alpha chair or comfy Pocket Chair to keep your mind relaxed and flowing to tackle your heavy to-do list.

This piece can be used in any way you see fit. From food in pantry, to plates and glasses, or journals and office supplies, the Giralot is the perfect piece to find anything, keeping things you need at your fingertips. The storage units swivel 180 degrees, either right or left and come in an array or colors and finishes. With many style options, you could have a Giralot with earth tones or brighter finishes. Whatever you choose, the Giralot can complement any space, giving you a stylish piece to store what you need for your day to day tasks and duties.

Giro Table
The Giro table is a perfect hide-away console for dinner or work. This 2-in-1 table features a rotating mechanism that allows it to swing straight from the wall when you need it. A nifty addition to the Giro is the easy accessible drawer that allows for fast and easy storage of your supplies. It’s compact, elegant and perfect for those “work from home” days you may need once in a while.

The Piano
Sometimes, things are better when they are left hanging! The Piano is a wall-mounted multipurpose rack for the walls that doubles as a coat or clothing hanger and even an art piece. These elegant space saving hooks are a great way to place everything you need, in any room in the house. With a name as fitting as “Piano”, this piece features a gorgeous design resembling the keys of an actual piano. It is perfect for anything you may need to hang or rest on it

Sean – Dark sky

Don’t forget to pay some mind to the size of your potential armchair when looking around.

You’ll need to consider the size of your room, how big the sofa and any other furnishings such as coffee tables and TV stands are, and where you’re going to place your armchair. You don’t want your living room to look cramped and busy after all.


If everything goes to plan and you manage to avoid any armchair-life threatening spillages, your chair should, ideally, last a lifetime. Hurley-Perera recommends thoroughly inspecting the armchair before you make a purchase: “For all kinds of upholstery, you should always reference what the frame is made of. We tend to use beech as it’s a particularly strong and hardwearing wood.”

She adds: “Everyone has such individual tastes, it’s important to choose the right armchair for you and your space – but it is safe to say a classic shape always stands the test of time.”

Think carefully about how you think your armchair will be used in the many years it’ll be dominating a corner of your living room. Large families or those with small children running around should opt for durable fabrics such as leather to avoid any stains or damage to the exterior.

The same goes for pets. Hurley-Perera says: “Think about whether the comfort level will change with wear and tear, so don’t get anything high maintenance if you have small children, or anything too textured if you have house pets – their claws will love you for it, but you won’t so much.”


Above all, you want an armchair that is going to be comfortable.

Hurley-Perera says: “Optimum comfort is a hard one to call, as there are lots of factors to consider. An example being I have a beautifully soft wool at home, that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, however, that’s not everyone’s taste.

“There’s no point buying a fabric based on a particular trend, you have to feel comfortable on it.”

3 Ways to Style Your Pillows on a King Size Bed

I’ve never had a king size bed until I moved in with my heartmate in New Orleans. And what a life changer it’s been. My heartmate told me he upgraded from a full because he wasn’t getting a good night’s rest. He was also going through a bad breakup and has two 50 pound pups snuggling with him at night. I think if you have a partner and pets (who are allowed on the bed), it definitely warrants a king. Honestly, it’s not that much bigger than a kween.

If you think about it, we all spend 6–8 hours in bed every day. For me, it’s closer to 10 hours. What? I’m a freelance napper! Don’t haaate. Lol. That means your bedroom is definitely a place you need to invest in, like a solid bed and more importantly, amazing bedding. Today we’re gonna discuss some luxurious linens from Parachute who we’ve partnered with. We’ll also show you how to style your pillows on a king size bed.

I always bought my sheets, pillows, and duvets from department or big-box stores. It was always an overwhelming experience. Don’t even get me started with the trivial thread counts. The great thing about Parachute is they only offer three premium types of materials (percale, sateen, and linen) so it’s very straight-forward. They also offer pillows, duvets and blankets so y’all can hook your bedroom up in one go! All of Parachute’s bedding are all natural. No synthetics and no chemicals like formaldehyde (which are terrible for you, btw)

I picked the Percale Venice Set which is really soft, Egyptian cotton. I also got the sateen for my euro shams and you know what? I think I like the sateen even more. It’s so silky and sumptuous and that subtle shine is really nice. I love the indigo essential quilt. After going so green and jungalow in our bedroom, I really needed something darker to ground the space. Honestly, their bedding have been sleep-changing!

Let’s talk pillows now. After styling a handful of bedrooms, I’ve realized that many people don’t buy the correct size for their bed or even the right type for the way they sleep. Good news is, Parachute has the best pillows I’ve ever owned. I got the alternative down (firm) because I’m a back sleeper. Alright, let’s get to pillow styling!



2 King Pillows  +  1 Lumbar Pillow

Let’s start with the minimal look. This is so easy to throw together. It’s basic without being baaasic. You know what I mean? Just place two king size pillows down. Add some interest by tossing a lumbar pillow in front, like this one from Parachute (in collaboration with The Citizenry). Lumbar pillows are the best! They seriously complete the whole look. And don’t forget to layer a fun, patternful blanket at the end of the bed. I like to cover a third of it.


3 Euro Pillows  +  3 Standard Pillows  +  2  King Pillows  +  Accent Pillows

This look is for those who want a little EXTRA. Does one really need this many pillows? The answer is, duh! This has 3 Euro in the back, 3 standard size in the middle and 2 king pillows in the front. You can alternate the standard pillows with the king pillows, too. The heartmate and I occasionally work in bed so all the pillows are perfect for back support. It also makes the bed feel even bigger. This is our current situation and I love it. But what do you do with all these pillows when it’s bedtime, you ask? That’s where a bench at the foot of the bed comes in handy. You see, pillows need a bed to sleep on, too! All about that extra livin’!


2 King Pillows  +  1 Euro Pillow  +  1 Standard  +  2 Accents  +  1 Lumbar

When maximal meets messy, you get messimal. Okrrr! This is where you can loosely throw in a variety of pillows in different sizes. You still want at least two king size pillows though. Then layer a few of your favorite throws and quilts. Embrace the wrinkles and everything. Again, lumbar pillow saves the day!



So tell me, which is your favorite style?